FLuidity Content Writing (FCW), LLC was established in April 2018. Actually, it was established in my heart long before that as a young girl growing up on the sandy shores of Vero Beach, Florida. The name FLuidity was created to pay homage to my home state, which is why the FL is capitalized. The turquoise blue represents the water that surrounds it. Water is ever-flowing; it is fluid, without boundaries or limitations, and so is writing. Hence the name, FLuidity.


FCW is the pen to your paper. We hear the voices of our partners (partners versus clients, which is far too sterile for the relationships we build) and elevate them. Because our partners care, we care more. Their “why” matters to us because their “why” becomes our “what.” FCW is the sum of all parts. Our mission: Give us a word. We’ll give you a sentence. Together, we will write your story.


My name is Lynn Hall, and I am a writer. I have been gifted with the uncanny ability to merge my creative auspices with the voices of my partners to unveil to the world their brilliance. Their brilliance comes in shapes and sizes the world over that materialize in print. My sole purpose for establishing FCW was to create a space for people to feel empowered to share their stories in one way… their truth. FCW is their way of speaking with purpose and in the transparency it offers.


Since our establishment, FCW has written 111 blogs, 42 newsletters, 14 articles, 12 infographic designs, 11 resumes, 10 newsletter templates, 3 professional statements, managed 3 social media accounts and wrote three (3) books – two as a ghostwriter and one, Guilty Stains, that bears my namesake.


Guilty Stains is a labor of love borne out of pain. I wanted to share my story of pain and abuse and how that pain is made worse by locking arms with the lies of my past to protect the truth. In all actuality, we empower the very people who’ve hurt us and give them permission to continue doing so when we turn our backs to the truth. Rather than protect the victim, we protect the perpetrators. Within my family, we’ve believed and have conveyed for generations that family secrets must remain inside the confines of the dungeons and recesses where they occurred. I decided it was time to unlock arms with the lies and embrace the truth so that I can experience true freedom. I did not realize just how many people would come forward in solidarity and transparency because of my story. FCW and this body of work, my first published book, was the key that began to unlock the hearts and minds of many whose feet trod in footsteps similar to mine.


This is what makes FCW unique and sets it apart from other content writing companies. We are small but mighty. We think bigger than the dreams and visions of our partners. Our creativity allows their creative spirits to soar beyond what they imagined possible. We are now in the process of ghost writing the second book in a science fiction trilogy. While this is not a genre for which we have been accustomed in the past, our clientele is growing, and with that, so are the services we are able to provide. Our partners have great faith in us and in our passion and ability to exceed their expectations. Because of that faith, they are referring more and more partners to us. That is the type of marketing that cannot be bought, and I will take that variety of acceptance and confidence every single time.  


FCW offers the following professional consulting and writing services:


  • Business Plans & Proposals - You are the brand worth buying. We do the research. We do the writing from beginning to end. Share your vision, and we do the rest.


  • Consultative Writing - We are all writers in our own “write.” Sometimes, all it takes is a little guidance to get you moving in the “write” direction. Let us be your guide.


  • Contract Negotiations & Consulting - Contract negotiation can be one of the most rewarding, yet challenging skills that exist. We have more than 15 years’ experience in contract negotiation and have “sealed the deal” on large and small contracts. We keep the process simple and conventional to yield the best results for our partners.


  • Executive & C-Suite Resume Writing - It’s a done deal! We specialize in setting the BIG stage for your grand entrance. Trust us with the next phase of your Executive career. Our pens are ready to help you shine. Whether you need a refresh or a brand-new document, we excel and deliver.


  • Ghost Writing - As a published author, I know the process of writing your own book can seem challenging and daunting. We offer ghost writing services to write your story from Preface to Conclusion.


  • Grant Planning & Writing - There are, quite literally, millions of dollars in grant money waiting to be requested by you. We do the research. We do the planning, and we write “award-winning” proposals that become the bridge from yesterday to tomorrow for your business. Ask us how, NOW.


We are always ready, prepared and eager to receive new clients and to hear their “why.” Their “why” expands our “what.” We offer two different consultation services; the first service is a ‘Write’ Before We Speak” consultation. This is where we ask our partners (none of them are potential because if we speak with them for 10 seconds or 10 years, they are partners to us) to write a summary of their “why.” Then, we schedule a 15-minute complimentary conference call expounding upon that content. This gives us time to research, if necessary, and provide thoughtful information to allow for a generative discussion during our consultation and to determine if ours is a partnership that continues or concludes at that time. This personal touch is what allows us to convey our partners’ vision in a relatable way.



Our partners may contact us in several ways:


            Consultations:    www.fluiditycontentwriting.com/book-online

             Email:                        services@fluiditycontentwriting.com

             Phone:                                        540.538.2803


We look forward to partnering with you to turn your vision into manifested brilliance.

© 2018-2020 FLuidity Content Writing, LLC

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