(even when you fail)

“To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest.” ~ Pema Chodron

It is natural (for some of us) to crave a life that is predictable because with predictability come places of comfort and security. We liken these places to “nests.” When a child leaves home, we say they’ve “flown the nest.” Moms-to-be “nest” as they await the arrival of their newborn child.

We tend to think of nests as safe havens, but predators have no trouble finding our safety. Predators may come in the form of burglars or parasites. We sometimes get so comfortable in our nests, we stop growing and forget we have wings that allow us to fly. Burglars and parasites take full advantage.

Mothers of young birds prepare their young almost immediately for taking flight. She spreads the birds out every night and places them each in a different spot in the nest to allow them the best chance for survival. She never wants them to get too comfortable in one spot because they would never gain the strength to fly away when the time comes. Some birds are prepared to leave the nest before they can fly, so they fall a lot, but even in the “falling,” they fly. Falling strengthens their wings.

I've lost count of how many times I’ve been “thrown out of the nest” or fallen from it. Each time I am detached from those people, places or things I find important, I flail, scream, cry and hold my own pity party until I realize it is time to soar. Each time, the pity party lasts less and less time and becomes more and more infrequent.

I now put little energy into the dramas that awaken the shadow in me, recognizing that what is lost was not really mine, and every challenge is another doorway to an unpredictable adventure where I choose to stay in the nest or FLY (even while falling).

Contentment is a prison that keeps us smaller and weaker than we are destined to be, preventing us from the freedom that life invites us to experience. Naturally, I like a healthy dose of contentment, yet, something in me notices the illusion contentment brings, even when I’m challenging myself to live fully and alive.

What I know for sure is this….


Our wings are always there, waiting for the moment to lift us higher into the blue skies above.

Trust that when things happen that unsettle your nest, find your wings, and…


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