Drifting Away – The End of Summer - 2019

As summer nears an end, I find it is just beginning for me. Work is wrapping up for a bit, and I get to indulge in a long-awaited reprieve to do everything and nothing. I’m headed to the Caribbean for fare that dances in my belly, sunshine that kisses my body, and fresh air that reminds me I am alive.

I thank God for such great opportunities to travel and to wake up to the sounds of the crashing waves. I get to drift away…

Leave your footprints in the sand.

I like wading in the water, dipping my head just beneath the surface, slowly floating away. All I can hear is the lull of the water, quiet, tranquil, melancholy. I don’t like to drift too far because I am not a strong swimmer. I like having other people around me, especially further out because maybe Jaws will get to them first... I can hear the theme music from Jaws now 🦈... YIKES!

When I've finished drifting away, I stand up and look around, and I realize quite a bit of time has passed. I’ve suddenly drifted quite a distance from the familiar. It was so easy… drifting away.

It can be like that in life too, right? You kinda check out for a bit. You coast along. And when you stand up and look around, you discover you may be far from where you started out, and you're not in a good place. Find your good place...

When I notice how far I've drifted, thanks to those invisible currents, the disorienting shock helps me to re-focus and find my way back or helps to move me forward.

Whichever direction you want to go, the funny thing about life and time is that it's often something very undramatic (like soothing, quiet waves) that can take you off course. Over the years, you might not even notice that you're drifting. But one day you might think, "How did I get here?"

Maybe, just maybe...

· Your health and fitness goals are wasting away (but your waist isn’t 😊).

Your career hasn’t left the ground.That credit card debt is looming.Your relationship is at ground zero.

· Your friendships are evaporating.

Don’t tap out. The trick is to pay more attention. Lean into your life. Notice where you're going and what you're getting. Invisible pulls are everywhere, but they can never rival something as powerful and as clear as focused intention.

As summer quickly passes by,

drift away, refocus, and

drop your ANCHOR at


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