Forever Sunday

Have you ever experienced a fully complete, fully whole day where every single thing, every emotion, every thought, every action was in its proper place? I have had many of those days in my lifetime, but one day, one Sunday in particular, sticks out far above the rest. I just recently returned from vacation in St. Maarten and St. Barts, and while the whole week was pretty spectacular, the one Sunday we experienced there was truly perfect. That is why I dubbed this blog Forever Sunday.

Our yesterdays are in our past, but sometimes those yesterdays are so painful, we allow them to creep into our Forever Sundays. We don’t intend to, but it just happens somehow. Those yesterdays show up in unpredictable and unexpected ways, casting shadows on our now. In order to move beyond yesterday to experience our Forever Sunday, we must turn our backs to yesterday.

As a society, we may often find ourselves teetering on the edge of a rebirth that is predicated on how enlightened our pasts die (figuratively and literally). Is your life a fairy tale where you are the wizard staring at yourself behind this imaginary curtain? Sometimes we are so focused on the superficial of our lives, only seeing what can be observed, the concrete, the tangible, we can no longer tell truth from fiction. We have forgotten why we are here and who we really are.

Yesterday reminds us of our faults and because we focus on yesterday, Forever Sunday continues to wait longing for the brilliant sight of us.

Unfortunately, Forever Sunday won’t wait forever. Sometimes, it escapes us and slips right through our fingers because we hold on too tightly or not tight enough. Suddenly, Forever Sunday has become yesterday. We look back on it, not with jubilant pride and exhilaration for having experienced it, but rather with hopelessness of a moment in time gone by.

Fortunately, Forever Sunday will show up again tomorrow. It will continue to offer you another chance to grasp it. Don’t hold on too tight. Hold it close, smell it, laugh with it, stare into its’ eyes and smile. Close your eyes and remember it. It will show up again tomorrow to offer you yet another chance to experience it.

I didn’t see my Forever Sunday coming, not in the way it showed up. It gave me so much more than I could have ever imagined or expected. And then, when I least expected, Forever Sunday showed up again, but this time on the last night of our vacation, except it wasn’t Sunday, it was Friday. But Forever Sunday showed up that magical, glorious, spectacular night to show us it has many colors like the sunset and ripples beautifully like the water at low tide, ever flowing toward us. Forever Sunday showed up in the moonlight and didn’t kiss us good night until we were ready. Then slowly it disappeared into the clouds after dancing on water.

I am so thankful for Forever Sunday. You should be too. Look for it every day. Expect it to show up, and watch it dance into your life creating moments that can never, ever be erased or replaced by yesterday.

I hope this Monday has treated you as well as my Forever Sunday.


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