Prayer: A Responsibility and a Gift

Volume 1, Issue 2

Grassroots Ministry

November 11, 2020

Prayer is a responsibility. We are instructed to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17), not just for self, but for others. Prayer for others, especially when we know not their plight or the exactness of their travails, but we pray anyway, becomes a precious gift. It is this type of intercessory praying, in the midst of our own personal trials, that shows we can look beyond ourselves into the eyes of the storm of others and grieve more for them than for self. It also says, I am grieving so much for your storm that I am moved to petition the Father on your behalf. In this state, the intercessor gifts, and the Father regifts.

The gifting and regifting by the intercessor and the Father are critical at a time when countries are infighting, and nations are fighting against each other creating division and discord. Namely, the United States is experiencing divisiveness the likes that have not been realized in recent history. Race against race, party against party, leader against leader—unity is a scare commodity, but prayer is the gift that keeps on giving. Prayer can affect change, but it appears to be the last resort, if any resort at all, after an election season where we have shown the worst of who we are, instead of the best of who He created us to be.

I cannot help but remember His words on the cross. He thought of us, knowing we were sinners. He interceded for us. He pleaded with the Father to forgive us because “…we know not what we do” (Luke 23:34). We are no longer ignorant because He has given us all the knowledge we need in His word. He left us a roadmap, but we journey in opposite directions to satisfy self. The satisfaction we crave is elusive because we are drinking of the wrong water, water that causes us to never be fulfilled.

As we approach the holiday season, now is the time of gifting, not in the material gifts that can be bought but with the gift that was already bought and paid for through the blood of Jesus Christ. We must get back to prayer. We must pray for our leaders, no matter the party to which they may belong and no matter how much we may disagree. God is the ultimate decision-maker; our job and our responsibility is to pray His will into existence and in drawing upon the responsibility of prayer comes the regifting of blessings.

I will start this season of gifting off with a gift especially for you. Regift as often as you feel the need:

Father, I thank you and praise you for the refreshing you have poured out on the dawn of this new day. I thank you for connecting me with the Grassroots Ministry and the people who need to hear a word from you through me, your servant. I thank you that you are moving on behalf of the person reading this prayer, and that their hearts will be touched immediately by and through your words. I pray for a fresh anointing on all your people.

I pray for the little one awaiting surgery and for the anxious parents hoping their child will pull through. Give them the strength to endure and the faith to keep them strong, a faith that will move the mountain of fear from their hearts.

I pray for the woman who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and is facing mountains of surgery and therapies to remove the cancer. Show her that you saw this coming and you are working on her behalf.

I pray for our Veterans who remain on the battlefield and for those who have crossed over the fields into retirement but still bear the images of war. Erect a head of your angelic hosts to protect their hearts and minds, reminding them of your hand and your willing heart.

I pray for the families that have been torn apart. I pray for reconciliation and forgiveness for those families.

I pray for our leaders throughout the world. Give them hearts for unity and remind them you have the final say. Prepare and massage the grounds of their hearts for change and acceptance that will promote peace and understanding.

Finally, I pray for the Church, understanding the Church is ‘us,’ not walls. Allow the Church to rise up with the authority you have given us and use it to bring others into the Kingdom of God by the works of our hands, the beating of your created heart within each of us, and the perseverance to consistently pray for our brothers’ and sisters’ health, wealth, and abundance. Calm this nation and the world. You are in control, and there is nothing we can do apart from your ‘yes.’ We love you. We thank you. We magnify who you are in us, Father, and praise you in advance for the many blessings you have and will continue to pour out on your people the world over.



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