REAL CHANGE: To Commit or Not to Commit; That is the Question

You know, 2019 is a new year, but actually, it is just another day. Right? It is another day to remain the same or another day to make a change, a difference.

On any of those days, we can choose to discipline ourselves to change it all, but if we don’t, it becomes just another day.

Seasons change. Tides change. Buds change to beautiful flowers. Seconds change to minutes and minutes change to hours and hours into days and days into nights and nights into yet another day. No two are the same, but we experience the change that comes with each of them differently. We really don’t have a choice in the certainty, the evolution, of the days changing to night, but we do get to choose how we live in them. We can experience each of them differently, as if the newness is truly new.

Why do we always say we are going to make new goals, change this, change that, leave “it” all behind in the old year, walking forward in a new year, different? You know why those changes are temporary? Because if you truly wanted to make real change, you don’t wait for a new year or for the moon to turn blue…

You just go for it. You just do it.

Several weeks into the new year, you find you are the same. The “old” you has already found you. Nothing really changed. Why? Because your mindset was a temporary one. The anticipation of the new year caused you to be non-committal. You committed to a day, not the process of real change. It was the wonder and excitement and prospect of something new that caused you to do something new, if only for a time.

Have you considered what could happen if that positive mindset shift was permanent? Imagine what you could have accomplished in a short span of time. Just imagine…

That relationship blossomed. Your finances grew exponentially. Your business began to flourish. Your house became a home. Just imagine…

You are the hope and possibility of change, otherwise, it’s just chance.

Choose one…

The decisions you make in this life, to change or not to change, not only affects you. You affect so many other people who champion you and your efforts in this life. Pause for a moment today and realize you are worth the change you want to see.

Another month in this new year is approaching. What will you change for the good? Don’t commit to a day, commit to a process. Make a decision to choose a permanent change over temporary satisfaction.

My best,


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