Shine On!!!

“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” ~Marianne Williamson

We have all heard that little voice inside us that screams or whispers to remain stagnant—the little voice that tries its best to hold us back, to keep us from becoming.

The voice tells us not to speak our truth, not to say what we feel, so we won’t disrupt the normal in AB-normal.

The voice tells us not to define what we want, not to have any expectations because things must remain predictably easy.

The voice tells us not to leap into our dreams and that daydreaming is enough because after all, we may not be good enough.

The voice says it’s selfish to focus on our own desires and goals because good people are more concerned with giving than receiving. Aren’t giving and receiving two sides of the same coin? We must consider that sometimes the best thing we can give to others is a reminder that we all deserve to live passionate, fulfilling, engaging lives. We all have the capacity to live our intention!

So today, let your light shine.

Make your own needs and wants priorities. Make time for the things you love to

do, even if they feel silly, or superficial, or extravagant. If it’s within your means to do it—GO FOR IT! Don’t justify, rather… ENJOY!

Use your gifts and talents in the way you want to use them–not in the way you think you should.

Speak directly from your heart, without fear of reproach, and if you believe in

something, stand behind it, even if it means standing alone.

Keep your heart open to the world around you, so you can be moved and inspired, and in so doing, you get the great experience of inspiring others to be their best. Use your internal illumination to create something that will move and inspire the people around you.

Play it up.

Laugh out loud.

Love harder than you ever have before.

Leap further than you ever imagined you could.

And remember, you have nothing to prove. There is nothing you must do, and there’s no one you must be than exactly who you are. You are beautiful, and the world needs more of you.

You are full of light, so go on… let your light shine brighter than the first embers of a freshly lit fire on a frigid December morning.

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