The Darkness of Anger and the Light of a New Day

As I began to think of article topics for this week, I was perplexed and unsure. I was unsure because of where my heart continued to land. Anger. It is a real emotion, but is it justified and justifiable? Justified because I gave a reason for my anger by way of the One who is—Jesus got angry, right? I deemed the anger justifiable in the sense that I knew the anger would come again, and I would use the same purpose for it. So, that must make it okay.

I was angry. I was angry that a quarter of a million people (and counting) have died from the novel coronavirus in the United States and almost one and a half million throughout the world. Why does God seem to be absent in this fallen world? Why is He allowing a man occupying the highest office in this country to exercise such power and exude such vitriol over so many people? Yes, it is true Jesus can use anyone to affect His will, but when does He become angry like He did in the temple courts when He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves? Our world feels like it has become what God said it would not become… a den of robbers and thieves, full of hate, discontent, and malfeasance.

I was angry. I was angry that my dear friend is dealing with so much grief. Her young daughter has just been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer, and her husband waits year-after-year for a heart transplant. She loves the Lord, and it is her faith that keeps her strong. When is too much too much or not enough?

I was angry. I was angry that even walking in obedience, doing what He has asked of me time and time again, causes me to suffer the anger of others who oppose my assignment.

I was angry, that is before I slumbered and awoke to the dawn of a new day. God promises us new mercies every day, and I am clothed in those mercies and grace this morning. I am not angry, instead, I am focused. I am focused on Him and His love for me, for my friend, for this entire world.

When is it okay to be angry? Being angry is not a sin. God does not get angry with us for being angry, but the anger must not overtake us. We cannot reside in that place for too long because we will focus on the anger and forget His promises.

Writing this article reminded me of the contrast of night and day. Last night, was so dark. My mind was dark. I did not feel the love of God, but I knew it had not left me. Then, daybreak came, and even before I felt the sun on my face, I could feel the Son on my heart, speaking through me. The words landed on the paper as if He were writing them.

The darkness of anger can become the master of our lives and thwart our destiny. We know that darkness cannot reside in the same space as the light, and we cannot serve two masters. We must choose one or the other. Last night, I chose the darkness. Today, I am basking in the light of this new day, new mercies, and grace.

Be the light in a dark and fallen world. I am counting on you, and you can count on me.



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