The Offer vs. The PROMISE

How many times have you gone on a search for something, only to find that the more you searched, the more elusive the thing you were searching for became. I remember going to the Mercedes dealership several months ago looking to purchase a new car. When I left home that morning, I didn’t have a thought in mind about getting a new car, but I happened to see this beautiful vehicle sitting next to us at the red light. So, off we went in search of this particular vehicle.

After very little searching, we found it, only it was not the right color and didn’t have the right bells and whistles. The salesman said he could custom order the vehicle I wanted, but it would take several months to come in. As we considered that offer, we realized that the promise of our beautiful home in Florida was worth the wait. It was then we realized we could buy our promised vehicles while residing in our promised residence at the promised and appointed time but only if we reject the offer. Remember, an offer can and usually does, change. A promise remains the same and there is no other replacement for it. It is irreplaceable!

So, what did we do? We now anxiously wait with our eyes focused on the PROMISE!

Now, I could have accepted the vehicle they had in stock since it was the make and model of the vehicle I wanted, but I would only have been accepting the offer because it was shiny and new and looked good on paper.

However, THE PROMISE of what I actually wanted was already mine, if I just exercised the will and patience to wait for it.

How many times have we accepted the OFFER over the PROMISE?

The PROMISE is guaranteed; the offer only satisfies for the moment because unlike the PROMISE, the offer has an expiration date.

You deserve no less than the best. If the best only looks acceptable, it is not the best for you. Keep waiting because in the waiting, you will find you are worth it. You are worth so much more than an offer.

Whether it is a car, a relationship, a church, a school, etc., choose wisely. Your happily-ever-after is counting on you to think of you first. There are so many reasons why little things become big things in our lives. They don’t just happen. Those little, big things are the offers versus the promises. So often, we choose the path traveled most because it is the offer of yesterday instead of the promise of today. Why choose yesterday when today and tomorrow promises so much more?

Don’t be in such a hurry to get to your destination that you lose yourself. Even if you do give in to the offer, know that you still have options. If the offer doesn’t match the promise, you can rescind it and return it to sender, but don’t wait too long, for the PROMISE won’t wait forever.

I sincerely hope this week’s POW finds you in the arms of your PROMISE or with arms open wide awaiting its’ arrival. Stay encouraged!

My best,


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