The Upside

If you have not watched the movie, The Upside, you must; it is inspo-overdrive. In a nutshell, the movie is a true story based on the life of a paralyzed billionaire, played by Bryan Cranston, who needs a caretaker. He and his Executive (Nicole Kidman), interview dozens of people and select Kevin Hart, who plays a convict needing a job to meet the requirements of his parole. Kevin is the most unqualified candidate, yet it is because of what he did not possess that caused Cranston to see him and to select him for the job.

Imagine that… our disqualifications actually could qualify us. Bryan Cranston took a chance on a paroled convict to take care of him, and that same convict would show Cranston how to ‘live,’ even in a state of physical paralysis. The paralyzed man found himself paragliding, able to see the world beneath him in a way he never realized was possible, even as a wealthy man. Kevin arranged this feat because he saw something in Cranston that Kevin knew Cranston needed to see in order to live his life fully. His only limitations were his own mindset and the barriers he had restricted to his life because of his paralysis.

God created a life for us that should remind us we are always amongst the living, that no matter how the world looks around us, it is not in us. Instead, we are what we make of our lives, and in so doing, we impact the world. We set the standard. We create the landscape that can be enjoyed by the masses. That is powerful, and that is the upside!

Kevin went on to schedule a date for Cranston, and even though that woman was not the right ‘fit’ for him; Kevin was the motivating factor for him to try it. And if Cranston had not tried, he would not have realized what his eyes had always seen; his perfect match was always his Executive, the woman he saw only as the ‘gatekeeper’ for his personal calendar. What he had not seen was the woman dancing around the living room at his birthday party, all her former rigidity, a vapor—unseen. He disqualified her based on what he saw, not on what he had not allowed himself to see. In his trying, he found his ‘good thing.’

Needless to say, Cranston impacted Hart, an absent father and mate, to be present in the lives of those who knew his potential. Because he began to see himself differently, he could allow his son’s mother and his son to do the same. That is an upside!

What haven’t you tried because you are afraid of the downside, not imagining that there is always an upside?

Feel that…

See that…

Do that…

Because there is always an upside that makes even the downsides beautiful.

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