Typography Can Kill

Not only is the title scary, but the font style and size and even the exclamation points are forceful; they are all telling a story. What exactly is typography? Typography is simply the visual content used in writing. It is geared toward the reader, not the writer. It captures and captivates the reader’s attention long before the story begins. The reader’s attention is an invaluable commodity, as opposed to a finite resource. Great writers understand the difference.

Ty­pog­ra­phy that is done well helps readers de­vote their attention to the intended message as opposed to the mechan­ics of read­ing. Typography that is less than par, may dis­tract the reader and un­der­mine the message. Trying to navigate through a field of miscues, wrong turns and gray skies offers a message that gets lost in translation.

For instance, the Coca-Cola logo is very recognizable.

At first glance, it may be hard to read if you are not familiar with the product, but this is a large part of the brand. An unrecognizable font could be costly and deadly. Fortunately for Coca-Cola, they don’t have this problem.

McDonald’s is also identifiable, even if you’ve never eaten there. If you see the golden arches in the distance, and you are a lover of fish filet sandwiches, Happy Meals and Big Macs with special sauce, lettuce and cheese, you all but hit the car next to you to have a taste, but that’s beside the point. You look for the golden arches, not the words. That’s typography.

Let’s visit a scenario to prove my point.

Your mother sends you to the local pharmacy to retrieve granny’s medication. The font type is barely legible and is extremely small because it needs to fit on the tiny prescription bottle. You bring the medication back, watching your mom struggle to read the typography and reads the dosage incorrectly because the 1 closely resembles a 7. Granny just got 7 doses of medication that could possibly kill her. Get my point?

“You can’t judge a book by its’ cover” no longer applies today. Lovers of books are inclined to purchase a book by its’ cover. Don’t let typography kill your message; make sure your “cover” communicates something meaningful, so readers can judge all they


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