What is it that you need? What is your soul, mind, body and spirit craving? Most importantly, are you meeting your needs?

I encourage you to be your own guide and advocate in search of and in service to your goals, your hopes and your dreams.

Listen to yourself and support him or her during the tough times and kick your own butt when you begin to settle for less than you deserve or are capable of.

I want to nudge you towards new ways of thinking and introduce to you a growth mindset with practical things you can do to keep moving forward and to remind you that you are capable of far more when you tap into your mind, heart, body and spirit.

You must always act according to your own level of consciousness. What does that mean? It means you must focus on developing your consciousness, being more aware, becoming more open, evolving and expanding.

Just imagine if each of us were to focus on our own personal evolution… there would be no war, no greed, no resentment. By raising our own levels of consciousness, we would behave differently, acting in ways that support each other, by uplifting and encouraging.

We would understand the value of peace. We would understand the value of reflection and appreciate the spark of creativity and the power of diversity. We would recognize our inherent connection to all things. Kindness and compassion would walk right beside us, in step and in sync with our hearts with courage and strength.

The illusion of separateness would dissipate, leaving only the power to act from love.

Try loving today. Love with a robust heart. There is where you find what you need. You’ll discover what you needed was always right there… waiting.

Have an amazing week on purpose with great intention.

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