Because so many people, including some of my clients (prior to becoming clients), do not understand what ghostwriting entails, they naturally feel it isn’t honest. Why would I allow someone else to take credit for my work? In academia, this is known as plagiarism. In the world of professional writing, it is not. It is akin to helping your daughter write a paper for school. Or helping your teenage son with a science project, and he comes home with a big fat A+ stamped on it. You both beam with pride. Being a ghostwriter is very similar.

I write from your eyes and voice. You provide the topic; I provide the content. I am the pen to your paper. I hear the voices of my clients, place them between pages and lift them off for the reader to revel. It is not so different from heavily editing, except I “revise” and write the majority of the content from my client’s perspective. Within my contracts, I denote that once final payment is rendered, my client owns all rights and retains all notes, recordings, visual aids, etc. from our meetings and discussions. It is only fair that s/he gets the credit for their work and experiences. I receive credit in the form of referrals, which is the best form of marketing, loyal clients, credibility and payment for my services.

Writing is my gift and true talent. While it may take someone hours to write a piece, I could likely get it done in half the time or even less, depending on the project. This is why my mission is: Give me a word. I’ll give you a sentence. Together, we will write your story. I am an expert at taking a word or two and creating masterful content around it. This is my passion and is a natural fit for me.

I have been gifted with the uncanny ability of merging my creative auspices with the voices of my clients to unveil to the world their brilliance. Their brilliance comes in shapes and sizes the world over that materialize in print. My sole purpose for establishing FLuidity was to create a space for people to feel empowered to share their stories in one way… their truth. FLuidity is their way of speaking with purpose and in the transparency it offers.

I absolutely LOVE taking my client’s vision and bringing it to reality in the book they have longed to place on bookshelves everywhere. It is a very rewarding experience and a lucrative one at that. Writing is my expertise; it is what I do. I write across many different genres, to include contract negotiation specializing in healthcare, grant writing, blogs, social media management, Executive and C-suite resumes, business plans and editing and consultative writing.

While I enjoy all modes of writing, as an author, writing books is my favorite thing. I am currently in the throes of writing the second book in a sci-fi trilogy, which has been a colorful, blank-slate experience, thus far. I get to unleash my mind and let it magically paint a masterpiece that soars into stratospheric heights with reincarnates the world over.

What’s not to love? I get the best of both worlds – my passion and my livelihood converge to create the perfect space – #myspace. You are the best part of FLuidity. THANK YOU for lending your “babies” to me so I can make them heard… in the best way.

If you’d like to know more about ghostwriting, shout me out. I’ll be the one floating by you writing someone else’s world, waiting for you to bring me into yours.

Cheers and sunshine,


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