FCW offers the following professional content and copywriting services:


  • Business Plans & Proposals - You are the brand worth buying. We do the research. We do the writing from beginning to end. Share your vision, and we do the rest.


  • Consultative Writing - We are all writers in our own “write.” Sometimes, all it takes is a little guidance to get you moving in the “write” direction. Let us be your guide.


  • Contract Negotiations & Consulting - Contract negotiation can be one of the most rewarding, yet challenging skills that exist. We have more than 15 years’ experience in contract negotiation and have “sealed the deal” on large and small contracts. We keep the process simple and conventional to yield the best results for our partners.

  • Copywriting Services - We make words sing and stories dance by providing copy for promotions ads, SEO keyword/website content, billboard marketing, blogs, and more.

  • Executive & C-Suite Resume Writing - It’s a done deal! We specialize in setting the BIG stage for your grand entrance. Trust us with the next phase of your Executive career. Our pens are ready to help you shine. Whether you need a refresh or a brand-new document, we excel and deliver.


  • Ghost Writing - As a published author, I know the process of writing your own book can seem challenging and daunting. We offer ghostwriting services to write your story from Preface to Conclusion.


  • Grant Planning & Writing - There are, quite literally, millions of dollars in grant money waiting to be requested by you. We do the research. We do the planning, and we write “award-winning” proposals that become the bridge from yesterday to tomorrow for your business. Ask us how, NOW.

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